Reading vs audiobook

Some readers and book collectors prefer a hard copy book while others can take a virtual or audiobook any day. If you are a book collector, you would find it hard to read a book over your phone or computer. If you like to write done notes on the book you are reading, both the audiobook and hard copy books.  One of the main advantages of having hard copy books is that you will always have them in any situation; you cannot lose access to your book collection. Unlike virtual books, you do not need power to access the hard copy books; if your power source, phone or laptop goes dead you will not have anything to worry about. People argue that hard books help you get more concentration and focus by avoiding any instruction around you. On the negative side of books, they are more expensive by far when compared to audiobooks. Books take up a lot of space in your house since you have to store every book well in a shelf, it will need a lot of renovations.

Audiobooks have their place in the hearts of other book lovers. Some people do not prefer to read the books themselves because it tends to take too much time. To add on that, not all people can read and audioboooks provides inclusivity in that; it allows people who cannot read for one reason or another to enjoy books. It is not about the methods of the audiobook; it is soley about the experiences offers by the audiobook. If you are a good listener and can concentrate you can read a bok while you are driving, cooking , at work or when you have a tight schedule. . You will not have to tire yourself reading a whole book since the reading is done for you through a free text to speech application.